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Virgil Tamayo(non-registered)
Nice work. Always enjoy your artistry.
Mike Y.(non-registered)
Jeff got a great eye in photography! very artistic and very talented! highly reccomended! not only that he is a very nice and approachable person!
Laarni M.(non-registered)
Job well done! I'm telling you... you should come to Hawaii and partner up with me :)
NiKKi ChickI(non-registered)
Awesome work Seppie =)
keep it up i know u will do great..
JOSE MERCADO(non-registered)
wow giusseppe you can draw and take pics, nice work and your not just a artist but you got talent.......
Oscar Martinez(non-registered)
Awesome job!!!
Very nice. I'm not a bit surprised though
Great editing skills-you make things so intimate.
Nice photos. You can capture beauty and put depth even on a simple subject.Very artistic!! A photographer with an artistic eye is perfect combination.
Litratos by Giusseppe Paras
LOL Omg Rob you are so insane!!
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